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Assignment 5 – Revisited

I had a look at the comments from my tutor and decided that another edit of my Assignment 5 assignment would be worthwhile to bring the series together more cohesively. … Continue reading

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Paul Reas and Martin Parr

After I had submitted my first edit of Assignment 5 to my tutor, he suggested I look at the work of Paul Reas and in particular his series based around … Continue reading

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Assignment 5 – Applying the techniques of narrative and illustration

For this, the final assignment I had a number of themes/ concepts I thought about exploring based on some of my interests throughout the course and beyond. I decided however … Continue reading

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Evidence of action

The task for this exercise was to produce a photo where it looks like something has happened eg its been broken. When illustration really comes into its own, however, is … Continue reading

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A narrative picture essay

For this project I set myself the assignment of photographing my sisters friends wedding. Now normally I know there’s a bit of cringe factor associated with wedding photography, however it … Continue reading

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For this exercise we were required to imagine a magazine cover on the subject of rain. We were required to produce a strong image that makes the subject very clear. … Continue reading

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Symbolism is one of the main techniques in illustration; if you choose an appropriate symbol, it can solve the problem of showing an abstract idea at a stroke. I wanted to note … Continue reading

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Peter Lippman and Paula Tavormina

I came across the work of Peter Lippman and immediately really liked his work. The sheer precision and time that he takes to compose some of his shots is … Continue reading

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Assignment 4 revisited

I had a good look at the feedback offered by my tutor on this Assignment and decided I wanted to revisit the task/ images. I looked at and thought about … Continue reading

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Assignment 4 – Applying lighting techniques

For this assignment we had to bring together the different lighting techniques and use lighting to show the physical properties of an object. I firstly chose a small Buddha ornament … Continue reading

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Cloudy weather and rain

I looked through some of my photos and in the majority of the images I prefer are those taken on clouder days and I don’t really think that the sun … Continue reading

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Shiny surfaces

I’ve started doing some reading on how to light various objects, product photography and the likes. As suggested in the coursework objects with surfaces that reflect brightly, such as anything … Continue reading

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The lighting angle

I chose my mums face as the subject for this exercise so that I could direct her as appropriate as I thought that the different contours of her face would … Continue reading

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Tungsten and fluorescent lighting

To start with I chose my kitchen for this exercise. On a number of occasions I’ve attempted to take picture sin my kitchen and been disappointed by the photos because … Continue reading

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Outdoors at night/artificial light

The focus of this exercise was to explore various lighting effects and colour in artificial light. I decided to shoot hand held but did increase my ISO (being in the … Continue reading

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Contrast and shadow fill

For this exercise I chose to set up a few still life sets ups, experimenting with various food set ups. My set up was such that I had a window … Continue reading

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What makes a great photograph?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Perhaps so much so because I’m looking at so many different types of Photography. The food stuff very commercial  . I found … Continue reading

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Sophie Calle- The Chromatic Diet

When I was going my graphics course last year I came across the work of Emily Blincoe. My tutor suggested I look at the work of the Sophie Calle – … Continue reading

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Higher and lower sensitivity

For this exercise I took similar shots at both normal and higher sensitivity. I started out on a wander with my camera in Glasgow and as the light got progressively … Continue reading

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Softening the light

For this exercise I set up a small still life (well in fact I was working on some calligraphy at my desk) and looked at the effect of diffusing a … Continue reading

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Variety with a low sun

I chose to photograph a small ornamental object that my friend acquired which I’ve taken a bit of a liking to. I took the ornament out to the garden to … Continue reading

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Judging colour temperature 2

For this exercise I chose my mum again and shot the three same kinds of image but this time I varied the white balance setting at the time of shooting … Continue reading

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Judging colour temperature 1

This exercise involved taking three photographs each under a different lighting condition. The first in full sunlight during the middle of the day (that is, mid morning to mid afternoon), one … Continue reading

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Wolfgang Tillmans Research

My tutor suggested I have a look at the work of Wolfgang Tillman’s and I’m really glad I did. The idea of rejecting a hierarchy in his images is something … Continue reading

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Still life photography/ my own work/ thoughts

I’ve been grappling with my own interests and ideas about food photography/ still life sets ups. On one hand I’m quite drawn to some of the more lifestyle based food … Continue reading

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Sam Taylor-Wood  – ‘Still Life’

My tutor suggested I take a look at the work of Sam Taylor- Wood. Her work offers an interesting perception on the concept of the still life. In the video … Continue reading

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Measuring Exposure

For this exercise I reflected on the course material and set out to take images darker or lighter than average and comment on why.   This first shot has a … Continue reading

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Key Ideas in Photography OCA course and Charlotte Cotton

I was glad I accessed the free OCA photography by tutor Robert Enoch as I found them really helpful at explaining/ compartmentalizing some of the ideas and motivations behind contemporary … Continue reading

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William Eggleston and Stephen Shore

I’m reading a number of books at the moment on Photography and I thought it important to consider at this point the use of colour in photography and noted a number … Continue reading

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Assignment 3 – Colour

This exercise was designed to show our control of colour in photography and look at how colours in deliberate relationships can be used to best effect. We were asked to … Continue reading

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Colour relationships

The first part of this exercise was to produce on photograph of each combination of primary and secondary colours adjusting the framing and distance to compose the picture to the … Continue reading

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Colours into tones in black and white

Attempting this exercise digitally I set up a little scene of fruit against a blue backdrop choosing the fruit for the vivid colours. I then took the image to Lightroom … Continue reading

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Colour – Ernest Haas

Typically photographers made use of black and white and discovered the advantages of a restricted palette including the artistic scope to focus attention on key graphic elements including shapes, tones … Continue reading

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Michael Wesely, Rut Blees Luxemburg and Long exposures

My tutor suggested I look at the work of Michael Wesely and Rut Blees Luxemburg. Michael Wesely uses very long exposure times leaving the shutter left open in some instances for … Continue reading

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Primary and secondary colours

This exercise required us to find scenes or parts of scenes that were dominated by a single one of the primary and secondary colours. As suggested this took a number … Continue reading

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Martin Parr

Thinking ahead and in conjunction with the colour assignment Martin Parr is worth looking at. Although he originally started in black and white, its his use of colour which he … Continue reading

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Control the strength of a colour

This exercise, involves over riding the exposure, something which I’m now pretty familiar with. Using the Aperture priority mode and changing the Aperture will automatically adjust the shutter speed to get the … Continue reading

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Christopher Williams – The Production Line of Happiness

I was lucky enough to visit the MOMA in NY and sought out the latest exhibition by Christopher Williams called The Production Line of Happiness. Williams has been described as … Continue reading

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Andreas Gursky , Bernd and Hilla Becher

I really like the work of Andreas Gursky and as described in my previous post on Assignment 2, his work to me is a good example of the deadpan approach … Continue reading

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Assignment 2 – Elements of Design

After attempting Assignment 2 with food items, I decided that I thought I might be happier to pursue something which I get more pleasure in and feel more drawn towards. … Continue reading

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